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Not Seeing Your Grade in AEOrion SIS?


1.      Did you register for the class?
2.      Did you pay for your class?
3.      Did you activate your account?

If you answer No to any of the above questions, then you will need to take all the above actions and then contact the lecturer to enter your grade.

Bear in mind however that after the time has passed for grades to be entered, the lecturer is not obligated to enter your grade at your immediate request.

Final (Ora)l Defence Periods
Proposed Periods for Oral/Public Defence

First Period
Second Period
Spring - Summer
October 1 - November 25
March 1 - June15

The above information supersedes all previously published dates.
Please consult your committee chair in scheduling your final defence date.
1.   Preregistering for classes on CEL
a.      Select Aeorion SMS
b.       Enter Account Login information:
                                                              i.      Username: ID Number
                                                            ii.      Password: your personal password
c.      Scroll down to Registration (or select Registion from the left pane)
d.      Select Register for Classes

f.        Select Registion Period

g.    Select Begin/Continue Registration

h.    Reserve classes as per your Sequence Sheet

i.    Complete registration under Tab 4:  

2.   Financial account activation/Completing class registration
                 i.            Before attending classes account activation must be done. This is completed:
a.      after tuition payment and or
b.      after a payment plan arrangement has been made with a representative from the Student Finance Office.
               ii.            Payment can be made:
a.      Online:
                                                                       i.      through Aeorion SMS
1.      Log into LMS
2.      select Tuition Payment (located below your name at the top right-hand corner of the screen)
                                                                     ii.      Via NCB or Scotia online bill payment
b.    at BillExpress or Paymaster (some outlets accept cheques)
c.    at NCU cashier (US dollar only)
d.    at NCU extension campuses (debit or credit cards only)
             iii.            All tuition payments should be made to your ID number only
              iv.            Please call or visit the Student Finance Office to activate the account for that class period. Finance Office Numbers: 963-7223-8 and ask to speak with Miss Georgiana Brown.
NB: Attending class without completing registration is not allowed and the teacher has the right to dismiss you from the class. Also, you will not be able to access LMS nor any class information unless you are fully registered. You will receive credit only for those courses for which you are properly registered. Likewise, you will be held responsible for every course for which you register unless you officially drop the course or cancel registration during the published periods for this action.
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