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Welcome to the Online Writing & Research Resources webpage!


In any academic setting it is imperative to become proficient in the areas of researching and writing in order to successfully complete a course of study. This is particularly true for graduate work with which the arts of researching and writing are concomitant.


Albeit very difficult processes, it is possible to achieve acceptable levels of mastery which will make your assignments a pleasure to read and grade by your professors. The satisfaction and reward can only be experienced, not explained.


Under the assumption that a great deal of graduate work is the responsibility of the student, this Online Writing and Research Resources webpage will provide resources and materials which will assist you in perfecting your writing and research assignments, especially your thesis or dissertation, while you work independently. As you sharpen and solidify some of the concepts learned in your classes, you will learn at your own pace, in the comfort and convenience of your home and on your time.


The materials and resources made available here are meant to supplement in-class instruction. It will also address troublesome areas which cannot be addressed in the formal instructional period and which do not occupy specific content areas in your courses. Using this webpage will expose you to articles, videos and tutorials which, if used, will increase the quality of your writing, by helping you to use effective writing techniques, and develop your research skills.


Reducing the number of corrections made by professors in your assignments will make you more confident in writing and researching. Ask your professor to point out the areas in which you need improvement and select the articles, videos or tutorials which will best assist you.


If you are an excellent researcher and writer you may still benefit from this webpage. No knowledge is lost and repetition deepens the impression, it is said.


Please let us know if your topic of interest is not represented here and we will be sure to post the relevant articles and videos.


We also encourage you to use this as an avenue of capitalizing on the wealth of information which is available on the internet to help make your journey as a graduate student a successful and didactic one. We want you to become the best at what you to do. We want you to achieve mastery.


All the best and have fun while you learn!

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